The Science of Nanogen

Nanogen is primarily a hair research organisation employing professional pharmacologists, biochemists and cosmetic scientists. Nanogen researchers collaborate with universities and research foundations worldwide, on issues as diverse as genetic testing for hair loss, to new surgical procedures.

The primary focus for Nanogen is delivering cutting edge technology to their customers. During the last several years, research has centred around four core technologies which are now incorporated across the Nanogen range.

Active Conditioners

Conditioning thinning hair has always been difficult, and there are many factors to consider. Most conditioners coat the hair. This works well but the coating builds up over time which can weigh hair down. This causes thinning hair to look heavy, dull, and thinner than it actually is. The same coating may also slow the penetration of topical treatments used afterwards.
Nanogen Active Conditioners not only solve these problems, but utilise unique technology to deliver active ingredients through the hair and scalp more effectively than any treatment shampoo.

Hair Nutrition

Maintaining healthy hair requires a consistent nutrient supply. Thinning hair has complex nutritional requirements, and requires a careful balance of nutrients, ions and enzyme co-factors.
Nanogen Intervention supplements are balanced formulae of bioavaialble ingredients. Tailored for the specific needs of men and women to give the best results, Intervention is the complete anti-hair loss supplement. Intervention contains the most potent combination of neutraceuticals, ions, co-factors and nutrients avaialble, and acts to reduce hair loss and maintain healthy hair growth.

Hair Growth Factors

Growth factors are the natural signals produced by your body that control every cells’ development, growth, and death. Specific growth factors cause hair to begin growing, mature into fully-formed ‘terminal’ hairs, and eventually die and fall out.
Nanogen are utilising cutting-edge technology to create growth factors identical to the ones that maintain hair growth, and delay the death and falling out of hair. These growth factors function exactly as to human ones, but are derived from plants so are uniquely safe, and ethical to use.


Underpinning the whole Nanogen range is the principle of product synergy. Every product works together with the others to create a better result than is possible with any individual product. Nanofibres work by binding to the hair electrostatically. But Nanogen researchers have found there are many factors, both in the Nanofibres design and in the products used with Nanofibres, that affect the electrostatic charge.

Nanofibres are subject to three patents pending. The container is designed to create 400% more charge than any other product and therefore the strongest bonding possible. The fibres are coated with a unique coating, allowing the fibre to become dipolar charged which creates the best, most reliable hair thickening effect. All Nanogen shampoos and conditioners are designed to leave the correct charge on the hair for optimum Nanofibres binding. Locking Mist Plus not only adheres the fibre to the hair, it preserves the bond between hair and fibres to create unparalleled water resistance- even under water.

About Nanogen Ireland

Kieran Fitzpatrick of the Corenex Group is the Irish Importer of Nanogen. Based in Limerick, I have been distributing the product within Ireland for the past 8 years.

I continuously strive to add products and speed of shipping to customers and will pass on any savings I can negotiate direct to the customer.

I have several other business interests that I believe in, but will never use private client information from one business for marketing with the other.

When you call our numbers, if you want to speak to me, you will, and you won't be pawned off to an assistant. I guarantee you that.

You can contact me via the following channels

Telephone: 061 603703
Mobile: 086 6000077