Customer Reviews

“..very efficient, great next day delivery“  Mr T.O.B - Ireland

"Using hair fibre and aqua match combination I was able to fully participate in all activities and I am thankful for the life change the guys at Nanogen Ireland have given me." A.B - Ireland

"Cosmetically Nanogen is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. The transformation in my appearance has had astounding effect on my social life. I am so confident, relaxed and happy." Mr F.A. - Liverpool, UK

"I felt about as low as you could get. There I was, a middle aged woman with male pattern baldness. I was fast becoming a recluse until I found out about Nanogen. I no longer see the baldness and nobody else can either" Ms G.G. - London, UK


"I have used Nanogen hair thickening fibres for over a year. I have diffuse thinning which nobody apart from my close friends and family know about as Nanogen gives the illusion of thick, healthy looking hair. Personally I could not survive in my job without this product. Nanogen has given me the confidence to meet challenges head on." Ms K.W. - Jersey, UK